Reusable facial cotton pad


Reusable facial pad is a great way to reduce the amount of waste from using conventional facial cotton pad.

This reusable facial square is made from 2 layers of organic cotton. It is super soft and able to use both sides. It is a size of a hand palm and it is suitable to remove makeup and clean your face.

Best thing of using square shape is able to utilise the fabric and to reduce waste of fabric scraps.


Reusable facial cotton pad

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How to wash?

Just put a bit of soap to hand wash it on the spot and place it flat to dry. It depends on how thick of the makeup and residue on the facial pad. Stain will be easily remove if wash on the spot. If not, just soak it with some soap water and rub it gently before putting it in machine wash. But make sure to put it inside a net bag. It can be use for many years if take proper care.

Why are conventional facial cotton pad bad for environment?

This is due to the farming of cotton that makes a huge impact on the environment when it is not organic. The huge amount of water used to produce cotton and chemicals used impact our ecosystems.

Some cotton pads are not made from cotton but instead of cheap, bleached synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon. After going through all these processes to produce cotton pads, all it is use is only for a few seconds by wiping away your makeup and dirt on the face. Then it ends up in the trash and landfill.

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