Hydration Face Toner


Hydrating face toner helps to keep the skin hydrate, soothes and refreshing.
It  is suitable for all skin types. Just apply it after face cleansing for great benefits.

Hydration Face Toner


Hydrating face toner made from 100% natural botanical ingredients. It is made from aloe vera hydrosol, lavender hydrosol, rosemary hydrosol and witch hazel.
Aloe vera is commonly known for great benefits in skincare. It tightens pores, heals, soothes, and replenishes moisture in the skin.
Lavender hydrosol helps to regenerative effect on skin irritations making it a great alternative to soothe and cool acne inflammation. It may provide relief from skin rashes, eczema and dryness.
Rosemary hydrosol providing healthy, clear skin and may help heal older scars, as it is also skin rejuvenating. Besides it helps brightening and clarifying all complexions.
It comes with 2 sizes: 60ml spray plastic bottle and 100ml amble glass bottle.

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