Making own natural face cleanser

There are many face cleansers in the market that claim to be natural and organic. But not all of them are really 100% natural or organic. Furthermore, those products maybe quite costly as well. However, by making your own face cleanser, you can able to know what it inside your cleanser and you can mix and match the types of scent and oil you would like in your cleanser. The best part is it is less expensive and no preservative added.

I had been using this formulae to make my own face cleanser for more than 2 years. It is really gentle and mild cleanser. The skin does not feeling dry after wash instead it leaves a fresh and clean feeling with the nice scent of essential oil. 

Making own face cleanser at home can be really simple and easy. You just need to prepare a few ingredients to make a natural face cleanser.

The ingredients are:

1. jojoba oil 10-15ml (you can choose any carrier oil of your preference)

2. castile soap 200ml

3. lavender oil 10-16 drops (you can choose any essential oil of your preference)

4. distilled water 200ml

The materials are:

1. A bottle with pump (any reuse bottle)


1. Fill in the castile soap in the bottle with pump

2. Pour in the distilled water. It should be a ratio 1:1 to castile soap

3. Put in the jojoba oil to the mixture. The oil will be on the top layer for the castile soap water. So remember to shake your cleanser every time you use it.

4. Finally put the essential oil to the mixture. You can have a blend of 1-3 different types of essential oils of your choice to give a nice scent and also to have a maximum benefit to your skin. But do not put excessive and control the number of drops depending on your water and soap ratio.

Ta-da!!! Your homemade face cleanser is done and ready to use.

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