About Hydrosols

Hydrosols are also known as floral water and are made from steam distilling plants. Hydrosols contains the water from the distillation process as well as the herbal extracts from the plant such as leaves, stems, barks, seeds, flowers, peels etc. In this process, the cells containing essential oils and volatile ingredients with low molecular weight will breaks. The vapour is then condensed to water by cooling. 

They have the similar properties as essential oil but they are less concentrated compared to essential oil. Hydrosols can be use directly to the skin without carrier oil or further dilution. Each hydrosols have its own benefits that include hydration, nourishment, restoration and soothing, anti inflammation and anti bacterial properties.

Hydrosols have been use as a toner, apply to clay mask, bath, freshener, spray on the skin to soothe irritated skin and skincare products.

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