Our story when  I started my zero waste lifestyle and wanted to live in a more natural environment and sustainable living in 2018. In order to have a healthier living for my family, I had gradually making changes in my daily routine and my choice of purchasing. I loved to make my own DIY cleanser for my face wash and hand wash using a few simple natural ingredients. By making my own DIY cleanser, I am able to know what is inside it. The face wash made was so gentle and delicate for me and my kids too. They really enjoyed and having fun making their own favourite scent of face wash. 

I made cleaning spray for the kitchen and natural pesticide for my plants and vegetables too. It really reduce the usage of using harsh chemicals and also cut down the purchases in plastic bottles. It is like killing two birds in one stone.       

 I started to learn more about the beauty about the benefits of essential oils and natural plant extracts by taking up course and apply them to my household.     .

Until then, I would like to share more healthy, quality and sustainable living with everyone and be able to access to quality and affordable essential oils, face oils and skincare products. Everyone can life a better lifestyle and deserve a healthy living for you and your family.      

Olivia, Founder of The RainTree

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